Wednesday, August 24, 2005

yvett without an "e"

Seriously, I'm ready to go get my name changed. All I want to do is an an "e" at the end of Yvett. I understand that people are going to spell "Yvette" and it's never bothered me because that's the way it's supposed to be. But I hate being asked about it and being called "Yvett without an 'e'". I have to have a name plate at work and I get soooooo many people asking me about the "e". They make such a big deal. One man kept going on and on about it asking me why I didn't have an "e", if I was just trying to be different, all sorts of questions. For starters, I didn't name myself and that's the way my parents spelled it so that's the way it's on my birth certificate. It's always been misspelled everywhere else but for some reason it was spelled correctly on my name plate and business cards and now I'm getting grief. I don't mind when friends tell me that they'd never noticed it before or something like that but I just don't get what the big deal is. Now I'm getting asked about it at least twice a day. I'm going to take some while chalk and just add an "e" on the name plate.
Another thing is that Yvett is my middle name. Carmen is my first name but since it is also my mom's name, I've just never gone by it. I even have family members that don't know my first name is Carmen. No one ever calls me Carmen. Well, there were some papers we had to sign at work and some guy saw that my name read Carmen Yvett. Ever since he keeps saying "Hello, Carmen" like in a mocking sort of way. You'd think I work with high schoolers. I explained to him that I don't dislike the name I'm just not used to it. Plus that's also our boss's name, so I just might not answer.
I've never really inquired about name changes but I hear they're quite pricey. If I would do it, I'd drop the "Carmen" because I don't use it, keep the Yvett and maybe add an "e". If I would get married I don't think I'd change my last name. I've had mine for so long and it's part of me. I wouldn't be able to drop it. Maybe I'd do the hyphen thing. For sure I know I wouldn't do the Mexican "De" tradition. In Mexico, you always have two last names, first your father's then your mother's. For men in stays the same but once a woman gets married, she drops the mother's last name, keeps the father's then adds "De" (Of) and adds her husbands. For example, Hillary Rodham Of Clinton. Pretty bad, huh? Anyway, I better stop rambling now. Have a good day!

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