Wednesday, August 17, 2005

busy again!

Just when things start to calm down everything gets busy all over again! Brianna started school on Monday. Her teacher this year has been "Teacher of the Year" for like 10 million years and I was very excited that she's in that class. Plus her best friend Sofia is in there too, so Brianna was excited. We walked into the classroom and all the parents were standing around while the kids found their seats. Just then the teacher announces "Parents, we will be having homework every day. Including today. Including Fridays". Yikes. Homework on the first day of first grade? I figured she'd have to draw a picture or something but no. Her first homework assignment was a fill-in-the-blanks sheet that included "my name is, my favorite color, favorite food, what I'm good at, favorite animal, what makes me happy, what I'll be doing when I'm 30. . . " etc, etc. It seems simple but since Brianna is barely learning how to write so I had to spell a lot of words for her letter by letter. After that she had 20 spelling words, she had to write out the difference between pictures of four trees, write four words that rhyme with "bug" and finally read a book. Yes, all that. I felt a little bad for her and started with the whole "My poor baby" routine. It seems like a lot for a first grader but this teacher is known for having students leaving her class really knowing how to read and write. I don't know of any of her students who haven't gone on to the gifted classes. Just this morning there are still parents trying to get their kids transferred into her class. Plus Brianna is one of those kids that has to be busy all the time. Last night her homework wasn't as lengthy. I, on the other hand, was given 18 sheets to read, sign, and return. Yes, I counted them. There will be a lot of science experiments, cooking, and pictures in this class so there was a lot of release forms.
We have a rotating snack schedule again this year, so we went to buy that. I almost fell over when I saw that there were a lot of Christmas decorations for sale at the store. I can understand Halloween since I've already seen a lot of those, but Christmas? Wow. No wonder I always feel like time flies. The stores contribute to that feeling. It's still summer, how can I be thinking about Christmas?

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