Sunday, August 14, 2005

I'm losing my mind

If you need more proof that I'm going crazy, read this. . . .

This morning Rodrigo and I were both doing chores around the house and the kids were playing outside. Rodrigo started vacuuming the stairs and I started filling the sink to wash dishes. Just then it started raining. The kids were still outside and I went to give them unmbrellas. I was worried that Alec would poke his eye so I went and put his raincoat on him instead. They were both outside playing around and I went looking for the camera. It hardly rains around here and has been raining hard the past couple of days, so I really wanted a picture. They hardly ever get to wear their raincoats. The camera wasn't charged and I went to get the charger. It wasn't where I thought it was and I started looking for it. I asked Rodrigo where it was, he didn't know and I started looking though some boxes in the garage. I couldn't find it and I went to look in the utility drawer in the kitchen when I noticed that the water was still running and had completely filled the sink. It was pouring over the edge, suds everywhere. The kitchen floor was completely soaked and the water was running into the dining room.
We grabbed towels, the mop and a bucket and started trying to clean up. Oh yeah, and by this time, I'd turned off the water. :P
Rodrigo and I spent the next half hour trying to clean up all the water and mess. He kept saying (in a very bad Ricky Ricardo imitation) "Lucy, you've got some 'splaining to do". Very funny.
To my credit, the vacuum had been on so I couldn't hear the water. Otherwise, I would've remembered. I'm notorious in my family for always forgetting things. I hate to think that I'm proving them right.

feeling: dumb
listening to: Dido (White Flag)
what I should be doing instead of blogging: getting things ready for tomorrow

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