Saturday, August 13, 2005

bye, Liz :(

My good friend Liz left today. I feel like a little kid whose best friend moves away. She's moving back to her home state of Iowa to get another degree. This time as a veterinarian. I know she will be very successful. I wish her all the best of luck. Argh, I'm going to miss her. :(
We had a get together for her yesterday. Of course our boss was there. I think I've mentioned before that my boss reminds me of Steve Carell's character in The Office. He thinks he's soooo funny and really isn't. Well, the menu was carefully thought over seeing that Liz is a vegetarian and we wanted her to be able to eat everything there. Our boss gets there, looks around and starts saying "Where's the Beef"? Groan. He continued saying it. Many times. Many times. Oh, when will he learn?

feeling: sad
listening to: My Chemical Romance (Helena)
what I should be doing instead of blogging: helping Rodrigo

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