Tuesday, August 09, 2005

more of the same

Unpacking is coming along. Slowly but surely. I think the crap in my garage is multiplying at night or something because I swear I keep finding more. I never realized just how much crap we had! Seeing so much stuff really wants to make me turn into a minimalist. Plus some things that I put "in a place so that I won't forget where they are" are lost. I can't find my black work shoes. I've been going to work wearing pumps and all my other shoes. I walk around a lot. Not a good idea.
We had our first guests over on Saturday. Rodrigo's friend Val and his girlfriend came over. I was really embarrassed since the house is still a mess but Val swears he's a buddy and not a guest at all. That in mind we put him to work. He and Rodrigo set up the oven's hood. Once again the "Rod & Val" inseperable duo were back together.
Other news. . . Brianna goes back to school on Monday. We went shopping for school supplies and again received some odd requests. She needs to take 48 sharpened pencils. 48. For first grade. Four large bottles of glue, three notebooks (one black, one blue, and one white all wide ruled. We took over an hour to find a white notebook), writing tablets, paper plates, a oversized shirt, and lots of other stuff. We spent about $80 just on her supplies. I don't understand why they need so much stuff. It's not like all the other kids don't show up with supplies. If there's one great thing about this school it's the parent participation and involvement. I guess they're really going to be busy all year. In first grade. I remember only needing crayons, scissors, pencils, and a school box. Oh well, times have changed. She's excited to go back to school and is already making cards for her friends. I think I'm more excited, though :) Anyway, back to work before I'm off to work.

feeling: overwhelmed
listening to: The Rasmus (In the Shadows)
what I should be doing instead of blogging: sorting clothes to donate

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