Wednesday, August 03, 2005

moving update

I thought I had my priorities down straight when I set up to have our internet service here before we even moved. We didn't have beds yet but we were going to have internet. It didn't work out that way. The installer came out and couldn't get it to work. We had to set up for a service call. Since we also have Voice-Over IP for telephone service, we didn't have a working home phone either. No cable, no internet, and no telephone. I felt like I'd moved to a cabin in woods.
Sunday we went to pick up the moving truck that we'd reserved and were told that there was no reservation for us. Rodrigo and I were really confused. They couldn't find our reservation and were really unwilling to help out. This was at U-HAUL in case you're wondering. I'd used them twice before and had never had a problem. Anyway, we went to try to find our confirmation email but our internet connection wasn't working. Rodrigo went to a cafe with wireless access and I stayed home trying to look for phone numbers. It took us about an hour but we finally found our truck. It turns out that the place you make the reservation is not necessarily the place where you're supposed to pick up the truck. I just think it would've been nice if someone would've told us. Especially since the place that I was directed to call was the place that we'd just come back from. We went to the different location and the service was so different and helpful.
Later that day, we moved all the furniture. My dad and brother came to help us. I only got one cut and a few bruises which is really good for me. Plus, I only cried about four times the whole weekend which is amazing! (Yes, I cry a lot)
Our mail is on hold right now while we wait for our mailbox key to arrive so we have to keep going to the post office to check the mail. The last thing I received before the hold was a package from the lovely Giao. I was sooooo excited! She sent me a really cute journal, a card and a great mix cd that she made. I listenend to it all weekend. With all the driving I had to do back and forth it was such good timing and such great songs. Thanks sooooooo very much, Giao. You made my moving seem pleasant. (I took a pic of the goodies but I can't find my camera. My dad took it away when he got tired of me not helping them in order to keep taking pictures. It's in a box somewhere)
Right now I am still not done unpacking and putting everything in it's place. The only day I haven't worked has been on Sunday, so it's been pretty hectic around here. Working, cleaning, working, unpacking, driving, arranging, driving, driving, working, driving. I can't remember when I'd gone to bed as tired as I have these past few days. I can't wait to have everything settled. It's going to be soooo worth it. Anyway, I'm off to do some more of the same now. I got the cutest change of address cards and still have to fill them out and mail them. Hopefully, I'll get that done today. Someday soon I promise to post about something other than houses and moving. That's what I'm living now so you're all stuck with reading it. Take care!

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