Wednesday, September 28, 2005

halloween time again!

Fall is my favorite season. October is my favorite month. Halloween is my favorite holiday. I wish everyone would just let me dress them up as whatever I want them to be. I gave up on the idea of making a peacock costume for Brianna because I know she's never going to want it. This year I thought it would be nice to have a family theme. I asked Brianna if she wanted to be Alice, Alec to be Mr. Rabbit, Rodrigo the Mad Hatter and me the queen. Brianna said absolutely not. Apparently it is completely embarrassing for the whole family to dress up as a theme. She says her friends will all think she is three years old. (She's six) I also suggested The Wizard of Oz but she still doesn't like the idea. Now I'm trying to get her to be something with Alec. I saw a cute spider costume and I suggested Little Miss Muffet. She said no. I asked about Little Bo Peep and Alec could be a sheep. She still said no. She wants to be a leopard and wants Alec to be a devil. Huh? That's sooooo far from what I was going for. I thought about devils & angels but it seems really cliche. Well, I guess most of what I've mentioned does. Since I don't think I'll get the whole family, I'm thinking of costumes for Rodrigo and me. He's not all into Halloween, so he pretty much goes along with my suggestions as long as he doesn't have to be a girl or something. Since my hair is really short right now, I'm thinking of a flapper. Something "Great Gatsby" style. I don't know. Do you have any family suggestions or suggestions at all? Are you dressing up this year?

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