Friday, September 02, 2005

my hair is SHORT!

Once my hair gets a certain length, all I do is start picking it up everyday. I keep thinking that I want to leave it long again but I get bored. I knew it was time to cut it because I was just so tired of it. I had it cut yesterday. Short. Shorter than I've had it in quite a while. I've only had it this short once before when I wanted Sarah McLauchlan's hair from the Adia video. I *love* it! I thought Rodrigo was going to hate it but he actually liked it. I walked in waiting for a reaction.

Rodrigo: (just stares)
me: (commanding him) Like my hair!
Rodrigo: I do. It looks really nice.
me: really? you're not just saying that?
Rodrigo: no, I really, really like it. Wow, you look like another person.
me: is that good or bad?
Rodrigo: (keeps staring a little too long)
me: What?
Rodrigo: You know, it kind of looks a little like the kid from Terminator 2
me: EDWARD FURLONG? I look like Edward Furlong?
Rodrigo: (just laughs)
me: Are you serious?!?!?
Rodrigo: a little but I mean it in a good way. It looks really nice.
me: Ugh. I don't care, I love it. (I start walking away)
Rodrigo: don't go releasing any lobsters
me: (groan)

feeling: I *LOVE* my hair
watching: m*th*r f**k*ng Barney. I hate this dinosaur.
what I should be doing instead of blogging: playing with my hair

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