Thursday, September 01, 2005

new orleans :(

I try to keep my blog light and not really talk about tragic stuff, but I just can not believe how bad the hurricane victims have been hit. It is soooooo sad. I, like a lot of people, didn't think it would be this bad. New Orleans. I'd never been and it was always one of those cities I'd like to visit someday. My parents have been there and my mom says it is just so sad to see how the city is now.
What really gets to me is that in the middle of all this tragedy, the worst comes out in some people. Have you seen the video of the looters? Now, there are people that are stealing water, food, and baby formula. I have to say that I don't even consider them looters and I think that if I were in that position, I'd probably do the same thing. If I no longer had a home, no food, and my children hadn't eaten for a couple of days, I'd do whatever it took to feed them. Now, the people that are stealing clothes, electronics, jewelry and weapons have absolutely no excuse. Have you seen video of the little kids outside of a Wal-Mart all riding new bikes? That's just sad. Apparently people are stealing a lot of guns and other weapons and are walking around with them. When things like this happen I always feel really shallow. Like I complain about things that are really trite. I mean, here I am crying about a mouse when people in my own country are trying to deal with the fact that they've lost everything. I should be grateful that I have a home. Well, sorry to have depressed you all. Take some time to think about how lucky we are at this moment.

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