Friday, December 16, 2005

Apprentice finale

I don't know how many of you watched The Apprentice(s) this season. I watched both. Last night was the Trump version finale. I think it was pretty obvious early in the season that Randall would be the guy to beat. He just always seemed so good at everything he did and so nice as well. I wasn't a big fan of Rebecca at first when she kept defending that Toral girl. I think she did really well at the end, though. So, up to the finale I was convinced that both were going to get hired.
So, Donald Trump hires Randall and then asks him if he should also hire Rebecca. I thought "There's no way he can say no" then he said no. I was shocked! How rude is that? They would've both been working on different projects in different cities. I can't even imagine how much Rebecca must hate him now. He basically denied her an opportunity at a six figure salary. Yes, I still think he was the best person for the job, but I can't believe how selfish he acted. Really surprising out of someone that seemed like such a nice guy.

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As far as the Martha Stewart one. The finale will be this coming Wednesday. I'm rooting for Bethenney. We'll see. Oh, and Jim's firing was the best. Martha has such a great way of being totally rude but making it sound nice.

I'm going to post again either later today or definately during the weekend because I have A LOT I want to share. I just hadn't had the time to sit here and actually type.

Last but not least, congratulations to Jenny for winning the Weblog Award for Best Blog Design. Yay!

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