Tuesday, December 27, 2005

post holiday

Still recovering from Christmas and lack of sleep. Overall, everything went really well. Here, we celebrate Christmas Eve in a bigger way than we do Christmas Day. We get together for dinner on the 24th and hang around talking, eating, and just being together. Santa Claus comes at midnight at which point the kids go up to their room (since they really should be asleep). We bring all the gifts out, jingle some bells and someone will "Ho ho ho" like Santa. Then the kids come out and we all start opening the gifts that Santa just left.
We had tamales and menudo for dinner. The tamales were red chile, green chile strips with cheese and the sweet kind. I'd never had the sweet kind with pineapple before but they tasted really good. As for the menudo, well, my family kept saying how spoiled my brother and I were. Neither one of us likes the meat and so either my mom or my grandma has to serve our bowl and make sure there's no meat in there. I won't do it because if I see the meat, I won't eat the hominy either. They actually have a calf foot and tripe in that pot. Eww. So, anyway, my brother and I eat the hominy with a little of the soup and lots of lime. The table was full of things for the menudo. There was lime, bread, minced onion, oregano, and "chile piquin".
It was a really fun evening. We didn't do much more than just hang out and eat. You can find pictures here.
Christmas Day, we woke up late and later went to have lunch at my mom's house. After that we went over to Rodrigo's parent's house. The kids have been playing since. I feel like these are vacation days or something and we don't get back to "real life" until after the 1st of the year. My family will be getting together again this Thursday for Brianna's birthday and again for New Year's Eve. Ah, more eating and eating.
Last thing, Happy Aniversary to my mom and dad who were married 30 years ago today. Yikes, 30 years! Here's a picture of them taken on Saturday. . . . .

I hope everyone is having a good time! Don't you just love the holidays. . . . .

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