Wednesday, December 28, 2005

yvett and brianna

I very often hear that Brianna looks just like me. Lucky her. Kidding. Although I hear it, I'd never really thought of it all that much. Well, she's my daughter so I figure of course she's going to look like me. Yesterday, though, she got confused. She found an old picture of me and asked me when I'd taken that picture. I told her that my mom had taken it when I was little. Brianna was confused because she thought it was her in the picture. How funny. I looked at the picture and I guess we do look alike. I'll let you guys decide. The first picture is of me when I was six years old. This is the picture Brianna found. The second one is Brianna also six years old. What do you guys think? (click on the images)

Well, off to enjoy my day off. By "enjoy" I mean do laundry and all sorts of things I haven't done for more than a week. Take care.

feeling: in a good mood
watching: The Wiggles (ugh, except for that)
what I should be doing instead of blogging: sorting clothes

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