Thursday, January 05, 2006

after Christmas blahs

I took down all the Christmas decorations and I think the house looks really "blah". I have the decorations that I had before Christmas but it just looks so plain without all the little lights and garland. I really do love Christmas decor.
I was telling Rodrigo that I was going to start selling "holiday trees" and accesories. It would be a Christmas tree but in all sorts of different colors. Also, the lights, ornaments and decorations would change with each holiday. Hearts, shamrocks, eggs, bunnies, rockets, flags, beach balls, pencils, school busses, pumpkins, skeletons, turkeys and finally all the Christmas ones. He laughes about my "holiday tree" idea. I think if I really did have a tree up all year, it would get boring and not be special anymore. Although I do wonder how many people would actually buy into this. Probably the same people that buy those upside-down trees. I figure I'd lose more money that I'd make.
Isn't it funny though when you see some product and think "I could've TOTALLY invented that. Why didn't I think of that?" That has happened quite often to me.

Well, after some fabulous days off, I go back to work today. Ugh. Oh well. . . .

feeling: dragging
listening to: That stupid Kevin Federline rap song. Oh my, is he serious with this?
what I should be doing instead of blogging: ironing my clothes.

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