Friday, January 06, 2006

picture surprise

It was such a nice surprise when I checked my email this morning and found that one of my oldest friends Sophia had send me some pictures. I don't remember having ever seen these pictures that were taken back when we were in eighth grade. Now, I think everyone has had some moments of "What was I thinking?" about their clothes or their hair. My entire 7th and 8th grade years are like that to me. Not so much in high school because I was at least wearing whatever was in style. Not the case in middle school. It was just two years of ug. Oh, and the hair (-shudder-). I think this picture has to have been taken in 1990, so we were still into the big hair. I would curl and tease my hair most days and I'm grateful that these pics were taken on days when I decided to wear it flat (as we would call it). Anyway, I'm going to share one of these pics with you so you can know what I'm talking about. Don't be too embarrassed for me. I didn't know any better. Besides, I'm sure ALL of us have some dorky pictures.

From left to right are JoAnn, me (no, it's not Lilo), Trudy, and Annette. I remained friends with JoAnn throughout high school but we haven't talked since. Wow, we were all so close back then. I wonder how they're all doing. . .

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Anonymous said...

Hey Yvett,

JoAnn has been doing well. I still keep in touch with her. She's still living in Frisco, TX. She has 3 kids of her own. I'll try to send you a link to a picture taken at her school, as she is a kindergarten school teacher there.