Friday, February 24, 2006


I only learned a few years ago that not everyone collects eggshells for Easter. My friend was surprised when I was telling her about it and told me that they just had hard boiled eggs to dye. I was shocked. EVEYRONE here does it and she's only from Marfa. That's not so far away. So, I figured I'd post about this so you all can have enough time to save some shells if you'd like. You take the egg and try to crack only the tip. Use the egg for whatever you're going to cook then rinse out the shell. Save all the shells in an egg carton. Try to get as many as you can. Close to Easter, dye the eggs like you normally would and set them to dry. Once dry you fill them with confetti, place a little bit of tissue paper over the hole and tape it up. Hide the eggs like you normally would. The part I like best about each Easter is cracking the eggshells on each other's heads. All the kids and adults get hit at least once. Of course the more eggs you save the better. Oh, and you do end up with a huge mess and confetti stuck in your hair but it is so much fun.

feeling: I really started late saving the shells this year
listening to: The Sundays (Wild Horses)

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