Wednesday, February 22, 2006

we keep getting screwed

Well, we keep getting screwed. The furniture store that I was telling you about gave us the wrong screws. First, they didn't know which ones were the ones that belonged to the stools we bought. We had to scan the instruction manual and email it to them. Then, after almost a week they said they'd found them and I went to pick them up. I guess I should've checked to make sure they were the right ones, but I didn't think of that. When Rodrigo was going to assemble the stools, we noticed that they were the wrong ones. They are not the quantities that we need and all different colors. They gave us some gold, some silver and some black screws. I realize that we could just go to a home improvement store and buy the stupid screws but I just don't think that it is too much to ask for the pieces of furniture you buy to come with the corresponding screws. That's just me. The way I see it, that should be a given. So we were just absolutely fed up. FED UP. Rodrigo called the guy again and told him to just take the stools off the order and we'll take them back. I think this guy hates us as much as we hate him by now and he told Rodrigo to just take the stools in and they would assemble them for us. Well, yeah. They were supposed to be assembled in the first place. Then the guy seemed frustrated because Rodrigo told him that he wanted the stools with the screws that belong to it (meaning not three different colors) So, really, local buddies, a word of advice. . . . stay away from OSGO furniture. I'd link you to their website but I don't want to give them any traffic. Oh, and they misspelled "CUSTOMERS" in their website. It reads "cutomers". Nice.
As if all this weren't enough, salesguy asked Rodrigo if he'd received his income tax refund yet so that we could go buy some more furniture. Uh, that's soooo not going to happen.
So, everything said, the thing I think is the most sad is how I'm not surprised by any of this. Its like I've come to expect bad customer service. It is so surprising and such a nice change when I get good service. The only person who I know has gone way out of her way was our realtor. Of course, she got the commision but she spent so much time with us. She was with us late hours and weekends looking at about a million houses. But now we tell people about her and two more sales have gone to her from us. I don't understand how people don't know that word of mouth is so important. Especially to a local business. Ok, enough of my ranting. . .

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