Saturday, February 25, 2006

my mom the dancer

I called my mom this afternoon. It rang about six times before anyone answered, which is odd.

my dad: hello?
me: were you busy?
dad: I was outside
me: oh, sorry. can I talk to mom? (yes, I asked "can" instead of "may")
dad: she's at ballroom dancing
I was at a loss for words and I just sort of, well, laughed.
dad: yes
me: did she try taking you?
dad: ni me recuerdes. me estuvo diciendo toda la semana (don't even remind me. she was telling me all week)
me: ok, well tell her I called please

I told Rodrigo, "Just wait. My mom is going to call me the second she gets home to tell me all about it and try to convince us to go".
The phone rang about an hour and a half later

my mom: did you call me?
me: yes
mom: I just got back from a ballroom dancing seminar and it was soooooo good. I got a certificate! It was five hours long since we had an hour off for lunch. There was a different instructor every hour with a different type of dance and you know, its not as easy as it looks.
me: I never really thought it looked easy
mom: well its not. my favorite was the salsa. you know, all the instructors have their studios on the west side. you and Rodrigo should go since its close to you guys.
me: I don't think Rodrigo would like that
mom: why? doesn't he dance? doesn't he like to dance?
me: well, we'll dance if we're at a club or a wedding or something but we're not exactly waltzing around
mom: well, you probably haven't taught him. if he needs me to teach him, I will
me: (thinking, "Oy vey") uh, thanks mom.
She went on and on about the seminar for about another 75 hours. Apparently, they disected all of Drew Lachey's dances on video and are conviced that dispite his shoulder problems, he should win. Drew will be glad to know he has my mom's approval.

feeling: my mom never seizes to entertain me
listening to: Avenged Sevenfold (Bat Country) <-- not exactly ballroom

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