Wednesday, March 01, 2006


I read this article on Slate today and I thought it was really interesting. I have noticed how lots of non-Catholics are making lent promises. That is, people "give something up" for lent. I grew up Catholic but I don't pratice anything Catholic anymore. The first holy communion was about as far as I went. Oh, and I did baptize my kids although I didn't get confirmation or well, married. Heh, heh. Growing up I just hated this time of year. Ugh. Oh, I guess I wrote about this same thing two years ago. Its too bad that I've lost all my old comments because I'd like to read them. Well, I don't have fond memories of lent. I already received a phone call from my grandma today telling me she made a ton of food yesterday and wants me to go get some pea soup and capirotada. I told her I'd eaten a ham sandwich for breakfast before noon (just to see what she would say) but she didn't think it was very funny. She also tries to make Rodrigo follow all these rituals and he wasn't even raised Catholic. If I do go over, she's going to ask me to take her to church. *sigh* I really don't feel like going, we'll see.

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