Friday, August 25, 2006

tia yvett

This November I will be having a niece. Being the good aunt that I am, I take my duties very seriously. What I see as the most important task right now is making sure that my niece has an amazing name. Now you know that if I were a celebrity, my kids would be running around with names like Audio Science, Pilot Inspektor and such, but well, I'm not famous. The first names I suggested were cool celebrity baby types like Echo, Blue and Desert. These were shot down immediately. It didn't help that my mom was there when I was giving these suggestions. My brother might've gone for it had he been alone. Once I explained that Echo would be after the Incubus song, the name would've been in the bag. Still, no such luck. When we were moving I gathered Brianna's baby clothes that I didn't have the heart to give away. You know, the "I'll save these just in case" outfits. I placed them in a box and labeled it "For baby Midori". Another box had a couple of more choices. I think they were Sabrina and I can't remember the other one. All my hopes were on Midori. Anyway, it seems that they are really going to name her that. Yes! Right now it's as a middle name but, hey, I'll take what I can get. The baby is going to love her name and she'll love tia Yvett for it.
Rodrigo a.k.a. Buzzkill asked, "Isn't that like Japanese"? My response was something like "So? We don't have to name by race. Alec isn't Juan or Jose. Besides, have you seen my brother".
He also asked, "Isn't it also like a drink"? My response: shut up. alchy.

feeling: glad it's Friday
listening to: Guster (Airport Song)


Jodi said...

You will be a fun aunt, that's for sure!

Thomas said...

Wow Guster, someone else in the world that likes listening to them.