Wednesday, September 06, 2006

blogger in beta

About two or three weeks ago, I switched my blog over from the regular blogger to the new blogger in beta. I like a lot of the new features but there are still a lot of glitches. One of the major ones is comments. As described in this post, if you have an old blogger account, you won't be able to comment on my page. I am also not able to comment on blogger accounts. Sucks. There are rare occasions that I am able to, but those are really rare. So, I guess if you want to comment, you have to do it as "anonymous" or "other". Another thing is that I have to log in each time I want to use blogger. The "remember me" setting no longer works. Wait, I think it works with firefox, so I'll have to use another browser. Great, Rodrigo has been trying to get me to use mozilla for years and now I'll have to. Yes, I still use internet explorer.
-he's at his laptop close to me and now I'm getting a lesson in the history of browsers- :P
I've also noticed that I can't see any of the pictures I had posted before I switched over. SUCK! So, I don't know if you can see the new pictures or are able to see the old ones or what is going on. I know that in time all these glitches will be worked out and I'm glad I switched. I do like the new features. I like that I can access my template like posts and that you don't have to wait for publishing or never republish. I think all blogger will eventually have to move but for now I'll be a guinea pig. So, I updated my template as a test. Can you see it? It is supposed to be blue and brown. I wonder how on earth it looks if you can't see the new changes. Please let me know. Either email me or comment as anonymous. Let me check my settings to see if this is even allowed.

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Jesser said...

Woohoo!! It finally gave me a picture!! Hehe. I can deffo see the new template and I can use my blogger account to comment (though that doesn't matter to me since I only have the account to comment anyhow). Blogger's remember me setting has never worked very well for me anyhow ... just annoying, not awful. Love the new template in any case. Maybe if I viewed thru FF I'd have better luck. I use FF at home, but IE in the office ... blah.

Nanette said...

I see the new template. And I think it's going to let me sign in with blogger.

Thomas said...

testing commenting