Wednesday, September 13, 2006

yvett the lazy blogger

Sorry for neglecting my blog lately. I've had some other projects that have been taking up time.

- Brianna's second school project was due last Friday. She had to make an "animal box". If you all remember the last project, you know I wanted to make this one REALLY good. My imagination was going crazy thinking about how I could decorate the box. I wanted Brianna to choose something like a peacock so that I could decorate with black, turquoise and feathers. She ended up picking penguins. My first thought was "Penguins? Are you serious? Black and white? Give me something to work with here!" Then I got over the whole "my project" deal and let her go with whatever animal she wanted to do. Of course. The end result was surprisingly nice and is being displayed in her school library.

- She also joined cheerleading. When we first registered her, I'd checked off that I was willing to be an assistant coach. I don't mind helping at all, I just don't know anything about cheerleading. At the first meeting, parents had to pick a rehearsal time and location and work out a lot of the details. There was no coach. No one wanted to do it. One lady went so far as to suggest hiring a cheerleader and paying her by the hour. Uh, this totally went against what the league stands for. I purposely picked this league because they are a non-profit just for fun sort of thing. Being labeled the assistant, I was put on the spot and so I became the coach. Yes, I am now a cheerleading coach. I'll give you a minute to finish laughing . . . . . done? Ok, so I was getting really frustrated at that first meeting. I mean, we place our kids in something so that they can be involved and interactive yet the parents were like "I'd rather be anywhere else than here". What kind of example is that? Since then I've been scrambling trying to find cheers, getting all the contact info intact, calling parents, getting uniform needs sorted out and actually teaching the girls. Someone has to do it. So, uh, if any of you know any cheers or were cheerleaders, can you shoot me an email? I know NOTHING about this and need all the help I can get. You all realize this is just karma, right? I mean, for my own daughter to join something that I made fun of is total payback. I can't even begin to imagine how crazy everything is going to be once Alec starts school.

-Blogger in beta now has flickr support! I have yet to use the features but this sounds like good news.

- I know there's something else I wanted to write about but my mind is drawing a blank.

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Anonymous said...

Gimme a G, a O, a Y, a V, a E, T, a T, what does that spell...ok I'm retarded. Good luck with being Brianna's coach! It will be fine. Heh heh. I just have to put pics up on flickr now. lol. I finally fixed the account. I do like that you could put comments on pics. And I opened all comments on Blogger, as you figured out so you can comment. Don't know why yet blogger beta is better? Except that it takes flickr.


Yvett said...

It's not better yet. Uh, not by far but the way they described it sounded a whole lot better, so I acted rashly and switched. I'm sure it'll be fabulous once everything is fixed, though.

Yeah, I was joking around saying "Give me a ...." are all the cheers I'm going to have. I didn't know any others. I've found A LOT online but they don't have the motions. Ugh. So now I'm acting all cheery in front of the girls instead of my usual "I hate people". Ha, ha!

Jesser said...

Oh.My.God. That is soooooo like my worst nightmare!!!!!!!! LOL. Seriously, it actually is. I am no convinced that the child I carry is going to be a walkin, talkin, bubble-gum pink wearin, "like" saying valley girl who I too will have to step in as cheerleading coach for because I lurve her so much.

No, I've got no cheers for ya ... I guess you could watch all 3 volumes of Bring it On? That's always an option. And also where my experience with cheerleading ends. I feel for ya ... but if it makes you feel better, if I have a girl, she's going to have to go to my mom and sister to learn how to correctly apply makeup. I've got her covered on HTML, style sheets, programming, and all episodes of Stargate and Star Trek.

Yvett said...

Exactly, Jess! This is the kind of stuff that happens!
I was remembering one part in Bring it On because I thought it was funny, but it says something like "you're going to pump our gas someday". Not appropriate. So, get ready, Jess. Oh, and start apologizing to your mom for whatever horrible thing you did as a child. Yours will do it too and you'll feel for your mom. :P