Thursday, September 14, 2006


I love going to concerts. Love it, love it, love it. We finally live in a place where all the good tours hit. EVERYONE plays in Phoenix which is just a two hour drive. Now the problem is that we don't have anywhere to leave the kids. We have no family here in Arizona and leaving the kids with just any sitter is out the question. We'd have to leave them for about 6 hours (two hour drive to, two hours drive from and approx. a two hour show). That is way too long for someone who is not family to watch my kids. Also, three year olds and rock concerts don't mix well. Go figure. A few weeks ago, we missed Dave Matthews Band. Red Hot Chili Peppers had also played a couple of days before that, but we hadn't planned on going. Here is a list of upcoming concerts I'd like to go to:

- 9/16: Death Cab for Cutie (Phoenix)
- 9/24: Avenged Sevenfold and Muse (Tucson)
- 9/26: Alice in Chains (Tucson)
- 9/27: Guster (Tucson)
- 9/28: We Are Scientists (Phoenix)
- 9/30: Incubus, She Wants Revenge and 30 Seconds to Mars (Phoenix)
- 10/5: Live (Tucson)
- 10/13 Dashboard Confessional (Phoenix)
- 10/14: Foo Fighters (Phoenix)
- 10/17 Placebo (Phoenix)
- 10/20 She Wants Revenge and Pretty Girls Make Graves (Tucson)

Just looking at this list makes me sad to think of the good shows I'll be missing. I was thinking about going to Guster on my own. I like them a whole lot more than Rodrigo does. Anyway, I knew that there was no way Rodrigo was going to want to miss Incubus. I don't want to miss them either and so we're going! My mom will be here that weekend to stay with the kids that day. This will be our third time watching Incubus and I can't wait!

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Jesser said...

I've been very disappointed in concerts here this summer ... the bands I like the most haven't felt it necessary to cross the Mississippi, leaving me concert-less. Though I only like concerts, really, if they're a MOST FAVORITE band ... it's so expensive for one night. The only concert we had a chance to go to (that would have been an option) was to BNL at the bluegrass festival ... unfortunately, it was while we were in Nashville for the weddin. Oh well!

Anonymous said...

I love live shows too. I'm spoiled being in many shows, often only 10-20 minutes from my house. I've cut back on going in an effort to save a bit of money and get my new car. : (


Anonymous said...

There's not so many people we want to see anymore. Last concert we saw was U2 last year. That is good you found some solution to going to concerts.