Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Do you ever wonder what people are searching for and end up on your page? Here are a few of the searches that have led people here.

- foo fighters arizona
- ride vapour trail
- tejocote recipe
- pull-ups poop OR poopy OR poopies OR pooping OR pooped OR #2 OR stinky OR diaper OR pull-ups
- celebrity baby names
- Jared Leto
- Incubus Anna Molly
- twinkie and starburst hot dog recipe
- The Fray Over my Heard
- trike a thon pictures
- wearing pull-ups
- preemie hands
- swoozie kurt pics
- iTune: Tequila
- hello
- listening to soaps

Those were copied exactly as they were. Any misspellings are not my typos (such as "over my heard" and "kurt"). Oh, and someone has been coming here for months doing a search for a picture of "crepas". It's weird.

feeling: coffee jitters
listening to: morning talk radio


foodiechickie said...

LOOL. I wonder that sometimes too.

Yvett said...

You know, I have this site meter merely for decoration. I NEVER use it! I've looked the past couple of days but only for searches. I feel like I'm spying if I check for anything else. Isn't that odd.

Jessica said...

Mmm... twinkie and starburst hotdogs...

Yvett said...

Jessica, I know, huh. Well, good luck trying to find that here.

Jodi said...

Just about any search on dork leads to me! I like your new blog look. So autumn!