Saturday, November 25, 2006

kid free

We're spending this whole long holiday weekend in Texas with our families. Whoo-hoo! Also, a double whoo-hoo because today my parents decided to take my kids and nephew on a road trip today. They told us that they'd be out all day so to take advantage of the day. Seriously. A day with NO KIDS. I haven't had that happen in about 75 years so I was going crazy thinking of all the possibilities. We decided to have dinner at a restaurant/brewery. That's right. I ordered a pint of berry cider with dinner. One pint, not ten. I thought it was going to be, well, like the kind of cider you get at the store, but noooo. . . this was about 180 proof. :P Anyway, towards the end of that pint I was saying "Make beautiful duet. . ." <-- please read that with your arms raised, with slurred speech and in your best Anna Nichole voice. What can I say, I'm a light weight now. Rodrigo likes to call it a cheap date.
Later we went to watch Babel. We were in our seats and some man walked in with two little kids. I'd say they were about 5 and 7 years old. Now, if any of you have seen Babel, you know that this is not a movie for kids. Not at all. I couldn't believe it when I saw him walk in. I kept waiting for him to realize he was in the wrong theater and walk out. That didn't happen. Throughout the whole movie whenever a not child safe scene would come out, I kept thinking about those poor kids. I felt like going over and covering their eyes.
So, what else did we do since we had all day? Well, what every other person who is always with kids does when they are without kids. We slept. That's right. We took a loooonnnnnggg uninterrupted afternoon nap. How boring, huh? Ahh.... not for me. I felt like I soooo needed it. Crazy kids will do that to you.

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