Wednesday, January 31, 2007

link time

Some of my favorite posts are when people put links of various things they've found. I love finding new things. I thought I'd share some cool things I've seen lately. . .

- I am one of those Valentine's Day suckers. I love all the cute gifts that are available this time of year. I love these little message beans.

- I usually have a Hello Kitty background on my computer but I couldn't resist these. Surprisingly on the Kleenex site! Aren't they cute?

- My favorite type of gifts has to be personalized gifts. I love to know that someone thought of the gift. My favorite place for personalized gifts is Red Envelope. While browsing the site, I came across these chocolate fortune cookies.

- I'm also loving the personalized Hershey's Kisses.

- If you have extra money just lying around and want to buy me something, buy me this. A Momoberry Hello Kitty doll! -gasp- Ooh! I just saw this one! You could buy me either one!

feeling: I want coffee
listening to: Audioslave (I Am the Highway)


Yvett said...

Testing. . . .

OMG! The comments are working! Finally!

Jodi said...

I like these posts too, but don't always have time to click the links.

I got a Hello Kitty haiku book for Christmas!