Friday, June 08, 2007

sales, sales, sales

Settling into the new house has gone quite smoothly. Just lots and lots of work. Bleh. So, this whole neighborhood is new. About six families moved in at about the same time as we did. This means this whole area is a salesperson paradise. So far we've had about 75 million salesmen for alarm systems, exterminators, shutters, and custom drapes.
There is one creepy alarm guy in particular that scares me. He came around once to talk to us. He came around a second time and was just standing on our front yard using the phone for a long time before asking us what we had decided. Then a third time when I finally told him no and he was MAD! He kept saying that he hoped no one would break into our house. The thing is that we were actually considering his company but decided against it because of him. That day all I kept thinking was to get a good look at him in case I ever need to describe him or recognize him at a line-up. Yeah, that's how my mind works.
As for now, I have to go another round with the post office. Each person I speak to there has a different reason as to why I can't get my mail yet. Things like waiting periods, missing yellow stickers, and all mail being forwarded to Phoenix. I hate the fact that I have no choice but to take their crap excuses. What can I do? It's not like I can switch mail companies. -Sigh-

feeling: still busy
listening to: Tiger Army (Forever Fades Away) <-- because apparently this song is ALWAYS on


foodiechickie said...

That sucks. Still not fixed. Can you complain to the head of their district or something nah that would probably delay the mail.

Jesser said...

That story about the alarm salesman reminds me of when we were interviewing photographers for our wedding .. we met with this one guy @ Starbucks. His portfolio looked like he'd printed out stock photos from the internet (really random, no cohesive style, no series of photos) ... we'd basically decided not to use him anyhow, but he was kinda pushy towards the end of our meeting so we said sure, we'd keep his reference sheet and get back to him. So then he flips out and says "You'd trust the word of strangers over me?!?" Total psycho ... everyone in Starbucks was staring at him.