Monday, August 27, 2007

broke yvett

The past few weekends have been pretty uneventful. It looks like they'll be that way for a while too. When we were making a budget before moving, we knew exactly how much we would be able to spend in order to not end up living in the park. Well, in the two months that we've been here, we've gone over that budget. This past month we went over by almost $3000. Hold on, I have to sit down. Ok, I'm already sitting. I have to lie down. It literally hurt when we looked over the spending report. I'd like to say that it was all just due to expenses that come along with a new house (ceiling fans, paint, window treatments, etc.). Although that was a big chunk of it, we also didn't change our rock 'n roll lifestyle. (allow me a little chuckle at "rock n' roll") Ok, we just didn't stop going out to eat and taking outings and such. So now the truth hurts and we're trying to cut down. We entertain ourselves by making shadow puppets and eat nothing but ramen noodles. Yes, I'm exagerrating.
It's actually been kind of nice being at home more. Last night I had one of the most delicious meals I've had in a long time. At home grilled by Rodrigo. You know how guys are born with a gene that allows them to be master grillers? Well, last night Rodrigo once again displayed that skill. (yikes, that last sentence taken out of context could hurt my political career :P) He grilled yummy steaks, burgers and my favorite . . . nectarines. If you have never have grilled stone fruit, you have to try it. We cut it in half, remove the pit and brush it with some melted butter, honey, a little brown sugar and cinnamon. Yum! Uh, wait, I've gone completely off my "being broke" subject. Sorry. I can't think straight. We've had some lovely construction workers serenade us with jack hammers at 5:00 in the morning. More on that soon . . . . . (see Diana, a cliffhanger for you!)

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Jesser said...

Ugh. I hear ya. All that rock 'n' roll hurts the bottom line. Those things that don't seem like "too much" at the time just add up. But I agree. It's so nice to be spending some time at home. I had really been craving that budgetary crisis or not, cuz I was so sick of the go go go. I've been wanting to work on projects and do all those at home things I haven't had time for this summer. Oddly, a whole weekend later and the house is still a big ol' mess. :P