Thursday, August 30, 2007

odd water bill

I checked our water bill this morning to discover that it is for $14. Not $140. We don't have a credit. It's not for a partial month and we haven't been out of town at all. Odd, no? As much as I think I should be happy, it sounds really screwy. What would you do? Would you call the company or just pay it and keep a proof that you were really charged that amount (I'm leaning towards the latter). It's really not like we get outrageous water bills, but they're not $14 low. Ah, if only my electric bill could be for that amount . . . .

feeling: suspicious
listening to: Muse (Starlight)


Jesser said...

I'd totally pay it and run. ;) I just got two bills from Comcast. 1 for $198 (last month's was $137 and not a blessed thing has changed) and one for $40. They are barking mad over there.

Anonymous said...

I would pay what I was billed! Though I would also be prepared for them to catch their error and get the money later.

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