Thursday, February 28, 2008

mood yvett

Let me tell you how I've been feeling lately . . . .

- confused: I started watching Project Runway last night thinking that both Chris & Rami were going to show. I had been on the website and had seen pictures of their collections along with Sweet Pea's. I thought they were all still in the running and I was just so clever to know in advance. Today I found out all five showed but only three are in the running to win. Oh! So, I haven't been too much of a fan of Christian, but his final collection really is, well, fierce.

- a little stir crazy: We've been having 80 degree temperatures and I'm now sporting a February tan. I'm really wanting to do some sort of day trip soon before it becomes too hot to be outside. It seems that we're all in the same frame of mind around here. Friends have spend the past few days at the zoo, camping and at the desert museum. Read this twice because you hardly ever get this from me. . . . I want to do something outdoorsy this weekend.

- like I can't write: I've changed my last name. The thing is that it now feels weird to sign my name. It doesn't come as easily as my old last name that I've written my entire life. I think I'll practice writing my name a million times in a notebook like when we were in middle school.

- political: For the past few months, I have been completely addicted to political shows. Completely. I went into almost all of the candidates websites and read up on the issues and their plans way before pur primary. I wanted to be well informed before I made a decision. Well, it's sort of rubbing off on the kids. Alec went with me on Super Tuesday and he asked me if I was voting for him to be president. I lied and said yes and since then he's been talking about how he's going to be president and live in the White House because I voted for him. Aww. You'll also probably guess which is one of the shows I watch nightly when I tell you that Alec is now calling various people, "The Worst Person in the Woooooooorld". (He pronounces it "vorld")

- busy: I've been volunteering in Brianna's classroom weekly and let me tell you . . that class is busy, busy, busy. They are on a rigid schedule and are always doing something. I have my hands full each time I'm in there. I seriously get home exhausted. All the noise and all the kids and all the work and all the talking and all the moving. Their teacher deserves to be canonized.

- weepy: I saw "Away From Her". Bawl fest. I must've cried about five times throughout the movie. Ah, depressing movies, my favorite. Seriously. We also watched "La Vie en Rose". Wow, she really, really did a great job. Oscar well deserved.

- In love: I love Rodrigo. I thought everyone should know.

feeling: see all the above
listening to: some Edith Piaf songs*

* I need help. I'm looking for a song that was in La Vie en Rose. Although, I think it's Edith Piaf, I'm not sure. It comes out in the part where Edith is little and she can't see. She's walking with Titine and bumps into a pole. Do any of you know the name of that song?


Anonymous said...

It took me a long time to get used to my married new name. After a while you just will.

We've been watching a lot of political shows as well.

Hope you fun this weekend whatever you do.

Aww what a sweet way to end your post.

Here is a link to the Sound track for La Vie En Rose. It's from Amazon. You can supposedly listen to the songs and maybe you can figure out which one it is.ôme/dp/B000MEYIBG


domestic girl said...

Ooh... 80 degree weather sounds lovely. I so miss having a tan! The Seattle weather is definitely keeping my skin a wintery pale shade.

Jesser said...

I didn't have a clear favorite on Runway this year ... personally, I like Jillian the best and I did think her final collection was pretty good ... and a bit out of her element which was nice.

Oh yea, I have got spring fever BAD here. It was like 60 Friday and Sat and then SNOWY and WINDY and COLD today. Bahh ... still not spring, I know.

It does take a while I suppose ... like when you switch years and write the old one for all of Jan. But then just a few months ago I accidentally wrote my maiden name when signing a packing slip .... no idea why. Just spaced out.

So cute that you just put "I love Rodrigo" for no reason. ;) Maybe Matt and I should get married all over again.