Monday, March 03, 2008

moving down in the world

Well, I finally received my updated S.S. card with my new info. My last name started with a "B" and now it's with and "R". I know it doesn't make a difference, but I can't help but remember fourth grade. It was the first year that each student in my class had each been assigned a number. We'd write our name and number on our papers and turn in our papers in a basket in numerical order. I was number six. So I thought the lower the number was, the better it was. Sort of like a status symbol of coolness or something. I thought your whole place in the world was determined by how close to an "A" your last name started with. "Z" would be the most shameful thing that could ever happen to anyone. I was number six, but I remember wishing I was a lower number. I can still remember the order . .

1. Awnee A.
2. Annette A.
3. MariaElena B.
4. Nannette B.
5. Richard B.
6. Me

I remember thinking that if my mom had really cared about me, she would've married someone with a last name that started with the letter "A". Or if my dad really cared about me, he would've changed his last name to one that started with an "A". That way, I could always be number 1. I also felt sorry for one of my friends. Having the horrible luck of being named Cindy R. earned her a number in the 20's. Of course, I thought I'd never, ever get married but I vowed that if for whatever reason I ever did, it would only be to someone whose last came alphabetically before mine.
I'm still in touch with Maria #3. She did get married. Only she went from a "B" to an "A". She got cooler. I'll have to remember to mention this to her as our whole relationship from the time we were nine years old have always included just the silliest conversations ever.

Some day very soon, I'll stop posting about getting married/ something that has to do with my name. I promise.

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Anonymous said...

LOOOL. Too funny! I went from having a last name starting with an N to a V. LOOOL. I am really uncool. I know it.

It's ok. It's a new experience. All I could think about was being married for a while.


Nanette said...

Wow! You had an Annette AND a Nannette in your class? I've only met a few other Nannette's, although I spell mine the right way - Nanette. ;)

Oh, and my maiden name starts with a "P," so I was jealous of all my friends early in the alphabet.

Jesser said...

Hehhe. As a K, I was always about mid alphabet ... but it was always good with me because all my friends were right around the same part of the alphabet and we frequently sat together ... unless they put us by first name ... which one mean teacher did ... possibly because of the 4 of us. Haha.

Anonymous said...

I did get a little cooler and a little nerdier, depending on who you ask. My in-laws think I'm uncool, and my family thinks I've let myself go after marriage= so that's the equivalent to "uncool," I guess. My co-workers think I'm a little on the nerdy side and can't relate to anything I have to say, so that could be considered to be "uncool." As a matter of fact, I think pretty much everyone in my circle of friends, admirers, family, neighbors, enemies think I'm a little "uncool." You've got to excuse me now, I need to go to my psychiastrist to get more Prozac! By the way, my "uncoolness" didn't allow me to enter my name, but from our "silly" ways of doing things, you can tell that it is the one and only MARIA BARAJAS-ALBALAWI. LUV YA!

Michelle said...

I went from "W" to "G". And while I was happy to ditch my very long maiden name at the end of the alphabet, I do miss being at the end sometimes. And on occasion, in school, a teacher will reverse the order.