Tuesday, September 23, 2008

airhead yvett Part 75 million

I was having coffee at a nearby coffee house with a friend. I was desperately looking through the menu trying to figure out what I could have that was low-carb besides water. . . . . .

friend: (reading a sign that reads "We have Boba!") What's Boba?
me: bubble tea. It's really good. It has these little things called tapioca pearls and they're chewy and delicious
friend: sounds good. I'll try it sometime
me: you should. I love it!

Here the super friendly barista tells me and my friend how they use fat straws so that the pearls fit through.

me:. I tried making some once and it was horrible. I'd gotten some tapioca pearls. They were horrible. We had to spit them out.
barista: how did you cook them?
me: -blank stare-: excuse me?
barista: how did you cook them?
me: uh . . . cook them? (sheepishly) I didn't know I had to cook them. I just made the tea and threw in the pearls. It was awful
barista: yeah, I ate a raw one on a dare once. They're pretty bad.
friend: (laughing) that's AWESOME!
barista: didn't the package come with instructions?
me: the writing was in Chinese or something

They both laugh at me. Yes, I was laughing too. She was nice enough to explain how they cook them while my friend was laughing in the background and I stood there with egg on my face.

To Rodrigo: I'm sorry I had you taste raw tapioca pearls. I had no idea. Sorry!
To my friend: you can stop laughing now or next time you come over for dinner, I'll make you some bubble tea . . . . MY style.
To the barista: You're quite welcome for giving you a story you must have shared and laughed at several times.

feeling: I'm a dork
listening to: Morningwood (Sugarbaby) <-- this video is hilarious!


Jesser said...

I had no idea you had to cook them either! hahaha... who woulda thunk it??

Anonymous said...

Totally something I would do!!! LOOOLL!!! I had no idea that they should be cooked.

And I hate that the calories are on everything.