Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Genius!!! Brilliant!

I love, love, love play lists. Yes, I was one of those kids who used to make mix tapes. So I am completely LO-VING the new "genius" feature on iTunes. If you haven't used it, do so. Basically, it makes playlists off your music library with songs that go well together. You click on a song, select the genius option and it customizes a playlist. Awesome.
Here's mine. I clicked on Touch Me, I'm Going to Scream Part 2 by My Morning Jacket (because I can't get enough of that song) and here's the list I got . . . .

1. Touch Me, I'm Going to Scream/ My Morning Jacket
2. Time to Pretend/ MGMT
3. No Brakes/ The Bravery
4. Tulips/ Bloc Party
5. Ladykillers/ Lush
6. Goodnight Moon/ Shivaree
7. Fascination Street/ The Cure
8. Gouge Away/ Pixies
9. World Wide Suicide/ Pearl Jam
10. New Slang/ The Shins
11. Trip Through Your Wires/ U2
12. Munich/ Editors
13. Tyrant/ The Bravery
14. A Certain Romance/ Arctic Monkeys
15. Burning/ The Whitest Boy Alive
16. Expectations/ Belle & Sebastian
17. Level/ The Raconteurs
18. Velouria/ Pixies
19. Vapour Trail/ Ride
20. Lazy Eye/ Silversun Pick-ups
21. Age of Consent/ New Order
22. Phantom Limb/ The Shins
23. Never Let me Down Again/ Smashing Pumpkins
24. The National Anthem/ Radiohead
25. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road/ Faultline & Keane

I love this feature! Did I already say that? No? Well, I love this feature. I love the new mixes it's making for me.

feeling: I love technology. I love Apple
listening to: Expectations (Belle & Sebastian)

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