Thursday, September 18, 2008

Yvett vs. Carbs

I finally broke down and decided to do the low-carb thing. Uh, it's torture. I started about two weeks ago and have lost ten pounds. I don't know where, but that's what the scale says. It's awesome, but I miss rice. Tasty, tasty rice . . . and bread, and potatoes, and fruit, and pasta. I still cook the same for the family, so they're not missing out. I'll keep you guys updated on the progress.
I know several people that have done this successfully. Have any of you? If you have, do you have any advice? I mean, I'm so bored already. I've never been much of a meat-atarian, so this is really, really hard. I've been having lots of beef and/or chicken with salad for dinner, tuna salad for lunch and eggs for breakfast. Any recipes or things you'd like to share. Help!

feeling: missing real food but it's for the greater good of looking super hot
listening to: Someone I call Jason Nesferatu (After Tonight)


Jesser said...

I haven't done the "no carbs" thing, just the "good carbs" thing. But I always cheat. I did WW late last year and early this year and lost a lot ... like 45 lbs. This summer I totally stopped caring ... hehe. But I haven't gained any back at least. You should try lettuce wraps! I am not much for meat either, but they are super-tasty. What else? Fritatas and (crustless) quiches are good and very easy.

Anonymous said...

Niel and did were on the Sout Beach diet a few years ago. Pretty much the weight loss happens because it's a shock to one's system. I couldn't stay on it though. I loved carbs way to much. But I wish you the best of luck. Jess is right the lettuce wraps are awesome! If you want I can send you my dusty South Beach cook book. LOOL.


Michelle said...

Good luck with the low carb thing. Yes, it works. However, you can't go back to eating carbs again after you've lost the weight. We gave up on the low carb thing since it was hard for us to stick to. I will say that natural peanut butter and sugar free pudding were very handy for moments of weakness.