Thursday, September 11, 2008

Badger vs. P@lin

I swear I didn't do this on purpose. . . . . .
We were watching the convention last week and S@rah P@lin was giving her speech. Badger's ears stood up. I guess something about her voice bothers him. She's been on everything, so Badger started growling when he'd hear her speak. Maybe he's tired of the repetition (rimshot). Anyway, he moved on to barking at the TV whenever she was on. I pounced on that right away. I'd see that he would start barking and I'd egg him on. I'd say "It's S@rah P@lin, Badger, go get her!". He'd go crazy running around, barking and growling. We kept on saying it whenever he'd be barking and praise him afterward. Yes, I'm just using the situation to amuse myself. So now he's actually barking and going wild at the S@rah P@lin command. It's been several days and it still works. I think it really sunk in. Brianna started adding "she eats moose and puppies", so I thought we should maybe stop. I haven't though, I just asked Brianna to stop saying that. Not that I'm putting eating puppies beyond Ms. P@lin, it's just that I don't want Brianna saying that at school or something. (Yes, of course I'm kidding. No, I'm not calling anyone a puppy eater). :P
Anyway, so I guess now Badger is sexist or something, no?

feeling: like I exploit my puppy
listening to: Cold War Kids (Tell Me in The Morning)


Jesser said...

That's hilarious! Loki freaks out about Asian people and people wearing weird things on their heads. He also doesn't like my crazy aunt (well no one does, really).

Anonymous said...

Hah Badger! I always thought he was a smart dog.


Michelle said...

I have to agree with Badger about her voice. There's something about it that tickles my brain in a bad way.