Sunday, October 19, 2008

election exhaustion

For someone that loves politics as much as I do, it pains me to make this confession. I'm tired of this election now. I'm seriously worn out, emotionally drained and just overall exhausted. Physically and mentally. I'm physically exhausted because I'm staying up late to watch all the news shows. Then mornings like today, Rodrigo calls me with breaking news. He apologizes since he is on east coast time, but says he thought I'd like to know the news. I do want to know. Are you kidding, I have shows like Meet the Press set up on the DVR (shut up, don't laugh).
I'm just wishing we could have the election already. I want to know if I'm going to be cheering in the streets or asking for a transfer to Europe. I'm tired of hearing a new "WTF? Are they kidding?" story each day. National and local elections are at this point right now. I'm tired of being at a store and overhearing people say the most racist, uninformed comments and having other people agree with them. I hate having to hold back because I have my kids and they don't want to see mommy call that nice old lady mean names. -sigh- I just want this over with already. Who knows what I'll be watching afterwards, but at least I'll be sleeping better. . . . . or will I?


Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more with you Yvett and we watch Meet The Press and the other political shows on Sundays as well.


Jesser said...

Woa ... Yvett has political fatigue? Now I don't feel so bad. Of course mine came on about this time last year, so ... dunno what that says about me. I'm hella cynical? Can't we just fastforward to Nov 5??

Michelle said...

I'm a little burnt out, too. We just got our ballots in the mail though and I'm uber-excited. I've got it partly filled out, but there are so many things to vote on so I'll have to finish it later.