Thursday, October 16, 2008

lonely, lonely yvett

I know a lot of women get happy when their husband or boyfriend has to leave town. I am not one of those people. I hate when Rodrigo leaves. Everything feels so, I don't know, not the same. He's in lovely "real autumn" New England and will be gone until next Friday (not tomorrow). Suck.
During the day, everything is the same routine. Kids to school, volunteer at the school, cleaning house, etc., but the evenings are odd. I'm so used to being together, it feels really sort of lonely. We tried watching last night's debate on the phone together (because we're in high school). That didn't work our too well. We were watching the same channel but the sound wasn't synchronized and it was driving me batty. Plus, I pause the TV a lot. A lot.
Each time he leaves, I have some sort of huge plan. "When he gets back I'll have reorganized the whole garage" sort of plans. They don't ever really work out. Mostly because we spend free time on the phone or on chat.
Cooking is also odd. I always make dinner for everyone plus enough for him to take for lunch the next day. Not having him eat makes a big difference. We're on day 4 of a pot roast I made on Monday.
Brianna has been on the phone with him asking him every possible thing there is to ask about the city he's in. Alec has been making drawings he wants me to mail. Poor Badger has been looking for him. When Rodrigo gets back I'm going to record Badger greeting him like that lion video on you tube. LOL!
OK, well, anyway, time for you to tell me "aww" and stuff like that. . . .

feeling: see the above title
listening to: Death Cab for Cutie (Soul Meets Body) but now I have that I'll Always Love You song stuck in my head. Thanks a lot, me

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Anonymous said...

Aww is definetly right. I know what you mean. Niel doesn't go camping very often but when he does it's lonely. Well it used to be now caring for Olivia it's difficult to do it alone. I usually just end up at my parents. I know not an option. Since he has a weekend gig just about every other weekend. It feels like Niel is camping. Yeah I hate being away from the hubby. And I always think I can do stuff when Olivia is sleeping. Nope I end up falling asleep too.