Wednesday, June 24, 2009

that's not my name

I know I've said before that I love names. I LOVE names. According to this website I found, my kids' names should be Anya and Anwar. Uh, wrong. But I did make some tags with the names we already have. I think my kids names go well with them. As for Rodrigo and me, well. . . . that's another story. I think Rodrigo sounds really latin like some sort of hot Spanish guy that walks around without a shirt. He 's more like a Matthew or Eric or Jonathan. Something like that. I think my name sounds like a French maid or a stripper. Something more like Nicole would fit me better. Anyway, here are the name tags I made . . . .

Find out what name you should have picked and/or make tags here.

feeling: I love the AZ monsoon time
listening to: Sonic Youth (Bull in the Heather)

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Jesser said...

I like that site, very pretty! couldn't figure out where to find my perfect names though ... but I'm not too concerned since I love the two we picked! I am ticked right now though, cuz Sarah Jessica Parker stole my name that I picked, at least in part, for obscurity and I will be mad if it gets to popular. Bitch. ;)